When is it time to say goodnight to your old car? What signs should you look for when it comes to determining if your vehicle is doing you more harm than good. MFD Most of us notice the signs but tend to avoid them because were not looking forward to the process of buying a new car or taking on a new bill.

Problem is driving a car thats passed its prime can end up costing you a considerably more in terms of maintenance and gas mileages. Not to mention the damage it could be doing the atmosphere.

First of all you may think that buying a new car will but you in a bad economical position, but think about the trouble you could find yourself in if you need a major car repair. Paying a monthly car payment of a few hundred dollars can be more manageable than trying to come up with a huge payment for replacing a transmission or a engine.

Especially if the vehicle in question is your only means of transportation. You could be left need money and transportation without any way to get to work to make money to pay for the repairs.

Secondly, if you want to avoid these major repairs its imperative to make sure you take action early when you notice a problem. If you ignore some of the early signs, like a slipping transmission it may lead to a major car repair.

If you notice your car smoking, leaks or a sensor light on you should address these right away, as they are omens to things to come.

Think in advance

You may also want to start planning ahead if notice that these smaller issues are popping up more and more. Start a car fund in the background as you address these smaller issues, so that you have a little starter money ready to go incase you have to make a major repair or put a down payment on a newer car.

If you have more than one vehicle, you may want to plan ahead and start using your older vehicle for certain commutes and your newer car for other commutes.

Be Mindful

The main thing you should do is be mindful of what stage your vehicle is in so your not blind-sided by a break down or major failure in your vehicle. If youve determined that your car is no longer beneficial, you should consider selling your used car for cash and upgrading your vehicle.